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Questions and Troubleshooting


The overlay is showing me 0.0 FPS

Short answer: There is no running process detected or there are multiple processes detected and you haven't chosen one of them.

Explanation: Usually RTSS displays it's own FPS that are always showing, but in order to get an accurate format for our colors and limits to these FPS values we needed to transfer them from RTSS to CX and then put them on the overlay.
A side effect of this is, that we need to specify for which process we want these values so we bound them to the currently running process in our process list.
If a process isn't detected or you have multiple processes present in that list the FPS will show 0.0 because we don't know which process ID to provide to RTSS.

The overlay shows on applications although they are on my ignore list

The process ignore list only affects the Presentmon capture service. On what applications the overlay is shown is controlled by RTSS itself because it's completely independend and we can only control what it shows, not where it does this.

If you want RTSS to not show the overlay on a specific application, you can create a new profile within RTSS, select the wanted process and then disable "On-Screen Display support" for that profile.

I'm pressing the capture hotkey but it's not working.

Make sure you got a process detected to be captured. Also make sure that it's only one because otherwise CX doesn't know which one you want to have captured.
If you enable the "Capture service status" on the overlay, it'll tell you if there are multiple processes detected or if there isn't any at all in which case it will just say "Scanning for process...".
Alternatively, as explained above, an FPS value of 0.0 will tell you the same thing in most cases.

My game doesn't get recognized

Process detection is mostly up to PresentMon, so we don't have full control over that. If you're having problems, you can still contact us and we'll see what we can do.
Sometimes, PresentMon fails to hook to the process right away, in that case you can try to scan for processes again by clicking the rescan button on top of the running processes list.
Also, older or customized Windows versions can interfere with PresentMon so an up-to-date version of Windows 10/11 is always recommended.

Some sensors are suddenly missing on my overlay

Because we're still at a stage where we're adding new stuff regularly, with every new version there is a possibility for some unwanted behaviour when using a new version with already existing overlay config files.
We try to minimize this as best as we can but sometimes it's not possible. So if you're missing something in your list that was there before, try to reset the config with the button at the top of the list and alternatively delete the old config found under AppData/CapFrameX.



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