New version 1.6.8

Version 1.6.8 is now available in the download section as well as on github.

This minor update includes a bug fix for some Intel CPUs and added two new overay entries.

Bug fix for Intel CPUs

Version 1.6.7 indroduced a bug that could potentially lead to higher than normal CPU utilization on some Intel platforms. This has now been adressed.

New overlay entries

We've added two new entries to the overlay. 

The first one monitors the CPU usage of the CX app and the second one is a real-time value of our stuttering analysis, based on the last 20s like our other real-time metrics.

By default, all frame times included in the last 20s get checked for values higher than 2.5x of the average frame time value over that time. These frame times are added up and shown as percentage of 20s.

The threshold for frametimes counted as stuttering is the same that you set within the stuttering tab on the Analysis page.

CapFrameX Frametime Analysis Software
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