New version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.1 is now available in the download section as well as on github.

This version contains several bug fixes and some small enhancements.


Bug fixes

The first one is a rather exotic problem that not many people should ever encounter:

When files in the currently observed folder are renamed or edited and saved via explorer while CX is running, the app could potentiall crash. This occured in two reproducable cases:

1. The folder is located on a network drive

2. The folder contained non-CX files such as Excel files for example that create their own .temp files when editing. These temp files were recognised by the directory observer but as they disappear when saving the original file, the app crashed.


Also there was a problem with the RTSS overlay in combination with our "Auto-disable" option. When this option was enabled but the overlay was already turned off manually before the capture start, a single refresh command was sent that lead to the overlay showing up again but then only showing the last known values and not refreshing further.


Third bug had to do with the saving of record comments. In a previous version we've introduced the option to change a records comment easily by just clicking directly into the comment cell.

Normally you'd have to do two clicks, one to select the row and another to edit the comment cell. The dark mode in version 1.6.0 required some changes in the general UI elements and this lead to the possibility of showing the edit box with a single click if that click was done exactly where the edit box appears. Now, the row of that record wasn't selected and therefore any comment you typed into the cell wasn't saved into the file and disappeared at the next restart of CX. 


And the last bug was an error when you tried to open CX while it was already running. In this case you get a message to inform you about this that you can just close. But by doing so, the PresentMon process that is required for our capture service was closed(reason being that's the standard behaviour when closing CX and the message box is essentially a second verion of CX)

If you already had a detected process running you wouldn't even notice this right away because the process list just stopped updating and captures could still be started but nothing was saved.




PresentMon was updated to version 1.7.0 and the filtering methods for processes were improved. This should result in an overall better detection of apps.

The overlay now shows the name of the currently detected process (or its game name if there is one in your processlist) in the capture status text.

The group control popup on the overlay page for quickly activating and deactivating sensor entries now also includes the group for CPU core powers.

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