New version 1.5.7 beta

Version 1.5.7 beta is now available in the download section aswell as on github.


Critical bug fix

With the restructuring of our capture service to make it compatible with the remote service, a critical bug has been introduced.


This bug can occur when you stop your benchmark through the capture timer and not through the hotkey.

For some games (Witcher 3 being one for which it was reproducible), the process list would "freeze" after the first benchmark, meaning that the process will stay in your list even if you close the game and the list won't be updated when you start a new game or click on the rescan button.


In this case you can only do benchmarks for the game that is frozen in your list and get errors once you try to bench any other game. This can be resolved by either restarting CX or do another bench of the frozen game and manually stop it via hotkey.

The better solution is to load our new 1.5.7 beta in which this bug has been fixed so we strongly recommend using either this version or the older 1.5.5 in case you don't need Zen 3 sensor support or any of the other enhancements of 1.5.6. 

Despite the "beta" flag, this version is just the 1.5.6 with the added bugfix.

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