New version 1.5.5

Version 1.5.5 is now available in the download section aswell as on github.


New features and enhancements

Version 1.5.5 adds compatibility with record files made with Nvidia FrameView.

The system info expander on the Analysis page now shows the ingame resolution.

The relative mode of the bar charts on the Comparison page has been reworked, now you can toggle it in the toolbar. When it's off, relative percentages are shown on mouseover and when it's on, you can click on any bar to lock the relative 100% onto that bar. This should make it easier to take screenshots of comparison sets with relative percentages.


Other enhancements include the accepting of multi selection when moving entries from the record list to any other page like comparison or aggregation and also accepting multi selection for changing a records CPU, GPU, RAM or comment.

The hotkey recognition now works more explicit. Before an action was triggered when the last needed part of the hotkey combination was pressed. This had the downside that you couldn't take "F11" for one action and "Alt + F11" for another one without triggering both actions when pressing Alt + F11.

Now, if you set F11 as a hotkey without a modifier key (Ctrl, Alt, Shift), that action will only be triggered, if you are not pressing any modifier key at the same time.


The last improvement is a faster app start. For many users since last version, after app start it took 5-10s to fully show the UI, that time should now be reduced to the previous 1-2s.


Bug fixes

There was a possible app crash for Nvidia GPU users that emerged from the VRAM sensor additions in version 1.5.4.

Sometimes, the overlay wouldn't show up at all or disappear mid-game.



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