New version 1.5.2

With bigger updates in the making, like extended overlay options, this version contains some smaller additions and also some bugfixes.

Version 1.5.2 is now available in the download section aswell as on github.

Some new items for the overlay

In addition to the updated sensor data for Intel Comet Lake CPUs, we added some more sensors like the GPU voltage sensor or the sensors for power, voltage and temperature limits on Nvidia cards.

We also added the CPU max clock to show the currently highest clocking core in a single entry.

The last addition are the real-time metrics, where you can display the average, P1 and P0.2 FPS over the course of the last 30s that get updated in real time.

Some comfort features

The other features include:

  • a standard minimize to tray function
  • selection of multiple entries for drag and drop in the overlay entries 
  • automatic selection of observed folder when the root folder is changed
  • API and presentation mode as new infos in the system info expander on "Analysis" page

Some bug fixes

Bugs, that you could have encountered are missing legend colors for sensor graphs on "Analysis" page aswell as an app crash when trying to view older OCAT or PresentMon files. These bugs have been fixed.

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